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Find out who hosts any website and where it is hosted.

Webserver Analysis
Understand the web hosting ecosystem used for any website. Discover the hosting provider and cloud computing platform in use as well as server location and more.
Nameserver Analysis
Explore the DNS infrastructure of any domain. Identify primary and secondary nameservers and their geographical locations. Knowing where nameservers are hosted can be a great indicator about the surrounding infrastructure.
Mailserver Analysis
Our Mailserver Analysis feature allows you to peek behind the scenes of email systems. Discover the email providers for incoming mails as well as outgoing mails for any website. This includes transactional mail services as well as email providers and the countries they are located in.

Want to find out everything the infrastructure of your favorite websites or competitors?

Provider Information.
Get highly detailed hosting provider data. Information about hosting providers is a great way to learn more about your competition and the services they use. Or satisfy your curiosity about the services that power the web.
Data Center Locations.
Pinpoint the geographical locations of the data centers hosting a website via IP Address Lookups. Businesses that provide service to global audiences can use this information to optimize access to their service worldwide. Server Locations can be used to find out more about a website's or businesse's primary audience.
Identify GDPR Data Transfers.
Data privacy is getting increasingly important and so is identifying GDPR data transfers. Identifying data transfers that might be subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is hard, that's why our web hosting reports is designed to help you with that.

In-Depth Website Hosting Analysis

How does work? is a fast and easy online tool to effortlessly get information about the web hosting infrastructure of any website. By entering a domain name, you can look up information about the site's hosting environment including webserver, nameservers and mailservers.